Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Blessings From Above

Blessings From Above

{L to R: Mittens (back), Amber (front), Ashley (back), Pearl (front), Teddy, Punkin, Tammy}

Our Lord grants us blessings
With every critter that He sends
For us to love and hold
And be our furry little friends.

God has bestowed on us
Warm fuzzy gifts from above;
Pets of all sizes and shapes –
Four-legged bundles of love.

We promise to care for them,
Faithful to the very end –
Our solemn guarantee.

However, time is short;
We have only a little while.
Our blessings from above
Fade into mem’ries and a smile.

Written by: Robyn Lynne Stacey
Date: February 4, 2007
In Memory of Ashley Mae 5/14/2000 – 1/30/2007


Anonymous said...

Please can you help us. Our 15 year old cat suddenly stopped eating and drinking. After two days we rushed him to the vet when he appeared to have trouble breathing. The vet drained liquid from his chest cavity, put him on a drip overnight and then sent him home. That was three days ago and he still has not eaten or had anything to drink. I used a dropper to give him water, but it all bubbles up - is sticky like glue and he is in obvious distress when I do this. Today he is back at the vet on a drip and they say we have to have him "put down" because they don't know what's wrong with him. We don't have children. Mouse - the cat - is our child and we can't bare to do this - especially if it's something simple like a virus. I saw your post on a website and thought you might be able to help from your own experience. We have 24 hours before the vet puts our cat down.
Please if you can help!!!!

paws4critters said...

Hi, I'm posting this here because I'm not sure if you got my email. I saw your email listed in your post, but I know some people have spam blockers that only allow emails they know.

So, here is the message I sent earlier plus a little more...
Aside from the eating and drinking, has there been any other "symptoms"...listlessness, loss of weight (even over a years time, say several pounds in one year), anything that you might have blown off and called "due to age"?

Anything may help your vet. Also maybe get a second opinion. Sometimes one vet may think of something different. If you have been going to your vet for a long time as I have, ask him/her if they mind and have any recommendations...maybe specialists or something. When Ashley first had her lump appear, my vet told me there was a cancer vet in Dallas. I asked for the referral "just to make me feel better". He understood and sent me to her.

I have force-fed a couple of mine through the end (until their passing). I had one that I put to sleep (I have regretted it ever since). One I had suffered at the end (she was throwing up black liquid just before she died-I regret not having her put to sleep.) The others I have kept babying them until the end. If you don't feel comfortable "putting Mouse down", then don't! When mine totally refused to eat anything, I tried to use a baby animal bottle and feed them baby animal milk formulas They are usually sold in cans, cartons and dry in a canister in the pet food aisles of grocery stores (like Kroger), Wal-mart and PetSmart/Petco. This may give you a little time to find a vet that can help. If you decide to do this, be sure to cut the tip of the bottle off so it flows smoothly with slight help from squeezing the bottle. Give small squeezes so as to be carefull not to give too don't want Mouse to choke. He needs to eat and drink, the baby animal formula gives them both. It's not the greatest thing, but it keeps them going a little while. I did this for my little buddy, Gizmo "Gizzy" Todd who passed away from cancer when he was 16.5 yrs old in 2003-1wk to the day before Thanksgiving. He passed away in my arms in his sleep.

Did your vet take x-rays of Mouse's chest to find out why he had liquid in his chest? Were blood tests done? I AM NOT a vet, obviously, but I would do my best to try to find out what is wrong or someone who can. I don't like the answer I don't know what's wrong, if they haven't tried every way, that I can afford, to find out what's wrong.

Here's another thought. I don't know how much searching on the Internet you have done, but I did a search in this fashion..."fluid in chest of feline cat". I have AOL and their search is enhanced by Google; so, you may want to try Google. Here are some of the returns: , ,

Unfortunately, over the past 10 years, I've lost 6 cats & 1 dog. Three cats were young [under 6 yrs-cancer, chirosis(sp) of the liver, heat exhaustion/unknown], two cats were on in years (16.5 yrs-cancer), one was 13 yrs (heart failure due to asthma). The dog was 12 (organ shutdown, then complications from being shot-he got loose and someone shot him). The young ones died suddenly, except for Ashley.

The decision of what to do at the end of each animal's life is kind of a feeling, as well as my own problem in making the decision of putting them down. I cannot in my mind decide when they have reached their end. Each time I think I can, they show their desire to just be with me. I could not end their life just because I could nto deal with the pain of seeing them ill. Everyone's different and each situation is different.

Ashley's passing prompted me to write the poem "Blessings from Above". If you cannot save your little Mouse, remember this, God gives us these little lives to take care of for Him. When He wants them to come Home, He calls them Home. I don't know if you have any other pets. I can tell you I have had other pets when the others passed. It has been very helpful. I didn't think it would be because I didn't think I wanted another one to "replace" the special one I lost. I found that instead of "replacing" they fill the void left behind. I shower them with attention and time goes on. I never forget my little buddies that pass. If Mouse passes and you decide to find another to fill the void, remember this...God always has more little "Blessings from Above" that need a special person to love them!

Also, Just a thought for when the time comes...Where I am, we have pet cemeteries (they are all a good distance though) and pet crematories. I had all of mine cremated, except one. I didn't have the money when she passed. However, I live in a rural area; so, I was able to bury her behind the house in her own little cemetery. I put a little white fence around her and a statue of St Francis of Assisi (he's the patron saint of critters) to look after her grave. We had a little funeral for her and said a prayer for her to be in Jesus' arms until we meet again!

If I think of anything else, I will try to email (or post) you again!

Sorry, I couldn't be of more help.
May God bless you and Mouse...take care, Robyn

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